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If there is one thing that I do have experience of, it's that resetting loop and having to restart your sobriety journey over again. It took a few false starts to get sobriety to stick for me and I know what that feels like.


If this is where you currently are, returning to sobriety after trying moderation or just having slipped into resetting and restarting, then I've created this hypnosis for you.


For some people they have talked themselves back into being able to moderate after a sober stint or decided that they want alcohol in their life, only to then realise that it isn't easy nor desirable. The good news is you have that direct contrast of feeling good sober and rubbish whilst drinking to fuel you.


If you find you need to reset then you could be experiencing mixed emotions which can descend into beating yourself up if you aren't careful becaue you know and remember how good sobriety felt even if you've only managed stretches of days or weeks in the past. If it was longer, then that muscle memory of being sober will be even stronger.


In this hypnosis I affirm all those positive reasons why you want to stay sober and why this is now different for you this time. You've chosen the sober path and it's one that you're now commited to.


It runs at 20 minutes so settle down, pop those headphones in and enjoy this deep relaxation. Never listen whilst driving.

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