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I put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard) in early sobriety to document and note what worked for me when it came to the early days. Before I knew it, I'd written this entire book and if I do say so myself, I'm very proud of it.

The three parts of this book cover different areas… you may connect with my relationship with alcohol of old, my initial struggle to get sobriety to stick once I’d made that decision or you may be looking for support and understanding of anxiety or mental health further down the line.

Simply stopping drinking but then feeling like you’re missing out or that somehow you’re the different one when everyone else can successfully moderate wasn’t the answer for me. That made me miserable. I wanted to make this sober life a positive change and to approach it with commitment, enthusiasm and confidence.

What helped me throughout was listening to others experiences, learning as much as I could about the truth when it comes to alcohol and then challenging that addictive voice in my head at every turn so that I became stronger and it became weaker.

Available on Kindle, Amazon and Audible.

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"I've just finished listening this book and it was bloody amazing. I've been thinking about sobriety for a while now and listening to Louisa's book has given me an incredible boost, her story is so relatable.... It has made me want what she has found in sobriety even more!"


"This truly is a fantastic book. Inspiring and informative and incredibly helpful. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone worried about their drinking and wanting to stop but struggling.
Thank you Louisa."


"Such a great and informative and helpful book! highly recommend! This book has helped me so much on my sober journey and going sober is the best decision I've ever made! Louisa's book has helped me get to a positive place in my life!"

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