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If you are looking to embark on Dry January then I've created a couple of ways that I can support you. 

The first is for free with the 'Dry Jan Like a Sober Rebel' podcast which will have daily 15 minute episodes covering various aspects of sobriety and mental health for you to listen to. Head to the Sober Rebel podcast to subscribe to be notified of episodes going live.

The other way is more structured where I support you 1-2-1 throughout the month so that we can work through anything you may need to address or consider in the first month of sobriety. You'll have sessions with me and access to me whenever you need it. As a result I am only taking on a handful of clients in this way so spaces are limited  so that I can give you my full attention.

As a qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Hypnotherapist I tailor the plan of action to you and to your needs. If you need additional help with sleep, anxiety, low mood, relationships, social interactions or confidence then we work on that simultaneously. Often these things can arise as you remove alcohol.


I've created this Dry Jan Support Package for those who may have tried Dry Jan in the past or who want to ensure that their sobriety starts with the right foundations. It doesn't matter if this is a break for you or the start of something longer. I work with you to achieve what you want to. There will always be reasons you've fallen into unhealthy drinking habits so we will look at your mindset, the positives you will gain and throughout what you can learn to make the changes last for you.​

THE PACKAGE includes:​

  • An initial telephone consultation pre January

  • 4 sessions weekly face to face (in Newent, Gloucestershire) or online via zoom

  • Hypnosis and relaxations to listen to in between sessions relevant to you

  • Thought challenging and habit breaking techniques

  • Dealing with cravings or events

  • Remote support via WhatsApp, text or messenger daily throughout​ the month


You then have the option to have one off touch in sessions or to carry on as you wish afterwards. It's totally up to you.


I am a qualified, accredited and insured Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Hypnotherapist based in the UK and I did this as a job long before I went sober. My sobriety and hands on experience of what going sober is really like helps me to understand how you really feel. I run a face to face clinic in Newent, Gloucestershire and I also hold online sessions for clients all over the world.

In therapy, I don't just help people with sobriety, I also help with panic attacks, anxiety, depression, confidence issues, pain management and performance so I am able to support you or refer you should you need further support at any point.

When someone is looking to go sober or to have a break, it's vital that you've also got the tools and support to deal with emotions, help to let go of limiting beliefs and any other areas of your life that may bubble up as you address your relationship with alcohol.



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