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One of the things that kept me motivated in early sobriety and throughout was tales of people's successes.

I loved to hear the benefits of the sober life and so The Sober Rebel podcast was born.

I invite my guests on to talk about the three benefits they've noticed in sobriety and I absolutely love my chats with them.

Since then the podcast has hit the top 20 in both the UK and the US, and has even achieved a top 10 chart position in Ireland proving that sobriety is a topic that is on the up.

You can head to any of the usual podcast platforms to listen including Spotify, Apple and Google.

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This is a free resource in the form of 31 mini daily podcast episodes that I created for Dry January to give help to anyone who’s sober curious or needing extra support with their mental health on this sober journey.

I’ve pooled my knowledge as a therapist alongside some snippets of advice from the amazing sober community.

It’s not all about sobriety either there is a big focus on other subjects, I like to think there’s something for everyone. In it I deep dive into so many topics about mental health, self esteem, building confidence, dealing with anxiety, low mood and challenging negative beliefs that could be holding you back. There’s even techniques to help to tame your mind and process emotions.


  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon

“Love listening to this podcast. The vibe is modern and speaks to current culture dynamics. I’m the founder of Oceano Zero Luxury Pinot Noir from SLO California. Love hearing real voices from real people.”


“Uplifting, thoughtful, insightful and inspiring. Louisa is a great host. The guests share their stories with honesty mixed with emotion, humour and candour.”


“Louisa expertly guides each conversation in a way that simultaneously feels like old friends chatting and experts sharing insightful knowledge. This has quickly become my favorite podcast, and I anxiously wait for it to come out! I love being a Sober Rebel!”

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