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This is a beautiful hypnosis to help with anxiety... whether it's mild or extreme, in this hypnosis you will go into a deep relaxation and stimulate the rest and digest side of your autonomic nervous system, the opposite to fight or flight.


I also take you through a really handy technique to deal with anxiety in the moment in order to let it go.


As with all hypnosis recordings, always listen in a safe space where you won't be interupted and never whilst driving. Listening more than once will strengthen the new neural pathways and new responses so please repeat as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you.


Hypnosis works as it is you fully imagining a different way of responding to a situation, so please engage fully with all suggestions, even if they feel strange at first and be open to a new way of being for the best results.


It works because you believe it will so put aside any negative chatter in your mind and enjoy. 

Anxiety Release Hypnosis

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