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When it comes to any fear of phobia, the key is gentle exposure to the thing you're scared of whilst in a deeply relaxed state.


This is using the body's natural responses for you rather than against you. In this way you're teaching your mind and body that there is nothing to be scared of so that it doesn't trip into the primative 'fight or flight' response. You're creating new neural pathways for the trigger and repetition of listening will strengthen this pathway, along with real life exposure.


The main thing to keep in mind is that you can't be in both sides of the autonomic nervous system at once. You can't be both scared and relaxed at the same time as they are opposing systems in the body.


Relaxation, breath and positive talk are the keys to overcoming any fear. It was negative self chatter that got it to begin and so by relaxing and feeling positive that you can, and will, overcome your fear then you will succeed.


The act of going into hypnosis and this deep relaxation will be good for you on every level but also being able to go along with the suggestions and to allow them to wash over your unconscious mind while you do this is a powerful tool to have.


As with all hypnosis recordings, always listen in a safe space where you won't be interupted and never whilst driving. Listening more than once will strengthen the new neural pathways and new responses so please repeat as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you.


Hypnosis works as it is you fully imagining a different way of responding to a situation, so please engage fully with all suggestions, even if they feel strange at first and be open to a new way of being for the best results.


It works because you believe it will so put aside any negative chatter in your mind and enjoy. 

Enjoy Fearless Flying Hypnosis

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