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We all have an inner child which is a part of your personality that still feels and reacts like a child. It's made up of all the experiences - both positive and negative - that you had in childhood.


Connecting to your inner child allows us to tap into feelings of creativity, innocence, and joy and acknowledging your inner child can help to shine a light on unmet needs.


He or she needs to be nurtured and this hypnosis will give you the time and space to listen and connect, to care for and to be present with that child within you. It is a chance to celebrate who you are today and to reassure the child within that it is safe and loved.


WARNING: If you've suffered childhood trauma, please seek proper support. Whilst you'll feel safe in this hypnosis it isn't designed to overcome or revisit traumatic experiences.


As with all hypnosis recordings, always listen in a safe space where you won't be interupted and never whilst driving


Hypnosis works as it is you fully imagining a different way of responding to a situation, so please engage fully with all suggestions, even if they feel strange at first and be open to a new way of being for the best results.

Connecting to your Inner Child Hypnosis

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