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This package is for those ready to commit to 30 days alcohol free so that you see real changes and benefits from sobriety. Over the month we will look at your mindset, the positives you will gain and how you can make the changes last for you.​ Not only that, but we will work on values, strengths and building your sobriety resilience.

THE PACKAGE includes:​

  • 4 sessions weekly face to face or online via zoom

  • The sessions are tailored to you but include therapeutic interventions to support your sobriety​

    • Strengths based approaches to bolster your confidence including flow, grit, boosting self-efficacy

    • Building your sobriety resilience

    • Thought challenging and distancing

    • Habit breaking techniques

    • Dealing with others (relationships and friendships)

    • Preparing for events (holidays, weekends away etc.)

    • Tools for cravings

    • Coping with anxiety or low mood

    • Boundary setting

    • ...and anything else that may come up

  • Hypnosis and relaxations to listen to in between sessions

  • Remote support via WhatsApp, text or messenger daily throughout​ the month

  • Access to a private and supportive sober community (optional)


You can then come back to me whenever you need to, I am always here to support you on sobriety or any other challenges you may face. You can come back for one off sessions or some people like to switch to fortnightly or monthly sessions. There is no pressure, whatever you need.


I am an accredited and fully insured Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist based in the UK combining CBT and hypnosis and specialising in habit breaking. I am an evidence-based practitioner which means the interventions I work with are based on the best available, current, valid and relevant scientific evidence. I always explain why and how things work so that you have an understanding as well. I run a face to face clinic in Newent, Gloucestershire and I also hold online sessions for clients all over the world. I don't just help people with sobriety, I also help with panic attacks, anxiety, depression, confidence issues, pain management and performance.

I am an accredited practitioner with the GHR & GHSC and I am a Senior Member & Registered Supervisor with the ACCPH. The ACCPH is an accredited body of psychotherapists and counsellors in the UK and senior member status is only awarded to professionals with significant experience in clinical practice.

I've been training and working as a therapist specialising in habit change for a number of years. Alongside my clinic work, I'm currently undertaking a Masters in Psychology to further my expertise and am a student member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). The focus of my research paper and thesis will hopefully be the link between regular alcohol use and mental health as this is an area that continues to fascinate me. Pending ethics committee approval of course!


"Have had a fantastic experience with Louisa and I highly recommend her as a therapist . I was really struggling with my mental health especially anxiety and the techniques she has shown me I will continue to use throughout life. I was also struggling with alcohol and thanks to her support I am sober now and so so so much happier and healthier. She's lovely and easy to speak to as well."


If you don't want to sign up for a sobriety package, or need help with things other than alcohol I can work with you on a session by session basis. Whatever you may need.


Cognitive behavioural therapy, when combined with hypnosis, is a really powerful and effective way to change your habits, thoughts and feelings. Some people just want therapy, some are looking for hypnotherapy and others want a mix of the two. It's 100% up to you what you feel you need. We can achieve a shift in mindset in a shorter timeframe of 4-6 weeks or we can partake in regular, more spaced out sessions if you want ongoing support.

From experience, 4-6 sessions will really make a difference to how you feel and I will ensure that you're armed with the tools you need to support yourself going forward whatever you would like help with.


The main thing is that we will set achievable goals for you in therapy and then work towards achieving them together. It isn't about delving into your past or working out why you think or act a certain way... it's about working on today and what you can shift now to make positive changes.​​

Most of the therapeutic work is done outside of hypnosis but we use it to practice and rehearse coping skills in certain situations using relaxation and imagery to bring about lasting change. It's what makes this technique so powerful and one of the quickest forms of therapy you can undertake. You will be given hypnosis recordings to listen to in between sessions.

Cost £80 per session


For hypnosis and relaxation downloads...

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